What is a fertility test for men?

What is a fertility test for men?
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What is fertility test for man?

A test that checks a man's fertility that can be performed at home. It works and looks in a similar way to a pregnancy test. After applying a semen sample, the test confirms or denies the presence of sperm cells. It is so simple that anyone can do it.


Indications for use:

The test is used for qualitative in vitro detection of sperm cell concentration in human semen. It is also used for auxiliary clinical diagnosis of infertility and self-evaluation of male fertility before trying to conceive.

Order test online (49PLN/1 Test, 89PLN/2 Test)
Fast delivery (send in 24h) in an unmarked, anonymous package.

See how easy it is - full video instruction guide to do our fertility test


Check how easy it is to perform our test. You don't need to leave your house. You don't need to have any special equipment. All you need to do is order the test, unpack it, and you are ready to perform a full test on your own.

Unpack the whole package. Take out all the test elements from the package. Check the contents. Study the instructions of the test carefully.

Collect a semen sample to the container included in the package. Shake the container well and wait until the sample is fully liquefied.

Place the ejaculate on the test plate. Add all the required fluids and after a few minutes read the results. There is no easier way to perform a sperm count test. Order your test today!

Order test online (49PLN/1 Test, 89PLN/2 Test)
Fast delivery (send in 24h) in an unmarked, anonymous package.
Check your fertility at home.
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The simplest fertility test for men.

A disposable fertility test to determine sperm count in semen. It is simple, fast (results in 10 minutes) and very accurate (98% efficient). FDA & CE approved.

Ideal for periodic fertility testing, before trying for a baby, or as a control test following vasectomy.

In 50% of cases, the problem of infertility lies with the man.

The first step in pregnancy planning or searching for the cause of current infertility problems is a sperm count test. A visit at the clinic is often very embarrassing and expensive.

Double package contains 2 tests.

In each double package you will find two high quality semen tests. The tests are carefully packed to prevent contamination. Each test is packed separately, so you can do it individually, even at large time intervals.

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