Fertility check after examine

Fertility check after earlier examinations
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Fertility check after earlier examinations

I performed a test for the presence of sperm cells in my semen at a regular laboratory. The results were available after few days.

It was found that the sperm cells were present, but there were very few of them.

I visited a specialist who, after examining me, recommended some solutions to improve the situation. I was instructed to check the "results" from time to time.

Then I went to the laboratory to do the test. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t improve much. I'd expected that. I had to keep trying.

After the next 3 months I ordered a home test to avoid continuous visits to the laboratory. Especially that first I had to go there, do what I was supposed to do, and later go there once again, for the results. I had to completely change my everyday life, so I didn't have time for such frequent visits. The test was quite simple, and it gave a negative results.

After another 3 months the result of the home test was positive. At that point it finally made sense to go to a specialist and take further activities.

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The simplest fertility test for men.

A disposable fertility test to determine sperm count in semen. It is simple, fast (results in 10 minutes) and very accurate (98% efficient). FDA & CE approved.

Ideal for periodic fertility testing, before trying for a baby, or as a control test following vasectomy.

In 50% of cases, the problem of infertility lies with the man.

The first step in pregnancy planning or searching for the cause of current infertility problems is a sperm count test. A visit at the clinic is often very embarrassing and expensive.

Double package contains 2 tests.

In each double package you will find two high quality semen tests. The tests are carefully packed to prevent contamination. Each test is packed separately, so you can do it individually, even at large time intervals.

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